In order to be approved for publication in SWS Journal of Earth & Planetary Sciences (EPS), the following criteria should be regarded as a standard:


A manuscript should be concisely and neatly written, nevertheless completeness in argumentation, style, statistics, practical appliances and used sources is the main factor of assessment for publication. If two different authors submit two papers with similar topics and conclusions, the one with more thorough and detailed text will be selected to be published.  


Papers have to be originally written by their author(s), and any sources or other articles used in the work should be properly and clearly disclosed. The editorial board decides whether an article would be published or not, mostly by its novelty, significance of the subject matter and practical appliance in the scientific discourse. All the submitted manuscripts will be thoroughly checked for a plagiarism and novelty.   


All the information used from other already published articles or scientific works should be clearly stated and cited following the good academic conventions. References have to be fully and precisely acknowledged and put into the submitted manuscript as well as all the statistics and figures included in the article.


All additional data, statistics and other sources, which are used for base of the article’s premises, have to be sent and published alongside the manuscript. It has to be accurately described with enough metadata and links to the used materials and articles in order to be easily reachable and discoverable. 

Ethical aspects

All the articles submitted for publication should follow and cover the ethical conventions and not abuse the moral rights of other authors, communities, companies, organizations, institutions etc.

Academic style and language standards

Papers must be neatly and concisely written, they have to be logically coherent and to follow the academic style and formatting. All the arguments, premises, conclusions and results should be clearly stated, and supported by the necessary referential data and sources. All the manuscripts should be written in grammatically correct English language. Authors will be asked to certify the level and quality of their text’s English language. Manuscripts written in poor English could be a subject of rejection prior to peer review.