Reviewers and editors of the SWS Journal of Social Sciences & Arts are supposed to estimate the overall scientific quality, consistency, coherence and possible impact of a given article. A reviewer have to come up with a general critique, perception and analysis of the article reviewed.
The reviewer have to regard the following criteria:
Originality – Is the manuscript novel and a significant contribution to the current progress and achievements of the specific topic or area?

Overview and significance – What is the main scientific achievement of the manuscript? How does it improve or benefit the current researches in the specific field? What is the general scientific impression of the manuscript? How does it fit in the tradition of the specific area and what could be the possible impact on and contribution to the scientific world?

Falsifiability - Are the used scientific methods, premises and argumentation plausible and relevant to the subject matter discussed in the manuscript? What is the level of relevance between the experimentation data and theoretical conclusions? Are the methods used or experiments conducted, described accurately and clearly enough to be reproduced by another researcher?

Standards for references – Are the sources used clearly and explicitly credited according to the ethical academic standards and conventions?

Plagiarism - Are there uncredited sources and ideas used without being properly attributed to their authors? What is the level of similarity to related works in the specific area?

Style and form – What is the overall appearance of the reviewed manuscript? Does it deliver clearly and completely the main ideas of the research? Does it cover the appropriate academic writing conventions? Do the title and abstract properly deliver the main ideas, contents and data in the manuscript?

Readability – How interesting the ideas and conclusions would be for the readers of the journal? Is the article directed to wider range of public or to a more specific one? What is the level of readability and could it be optimized?

English level – What is the level of the English language? Is it grammatically correct and understandable?