The SWS Journal of Earth & Planetary Sciences, published and controlled by SWS Society have strong peer review process for all submitted abstracts and manuscripts. There is a single or double blinded peer review (regarding the stage of the workflow process), to ensure an independent and transparent process between authors and reviewers.

Reviewers are appointed by the Editor-in-Chief. Reviewers may be members of the SWS International Scientific committee, as well as highly qualified scientists and experts, whose field of expertise is very close to these areas. Reviewers could be lecturers with peer reviewed published papers from SGEM GeoConferences. All the reviewers must have experience in other Journals. The choice of reviewer is crucial for the process of editing. We do our selection of referees with the regard of many factors as previous experience, reputation, field of expertise, other journals feedback etc.

Authors or co-authors shall not review their own articles.

Confidentiality concerning the authors and reviewers shall be maintained throughout the review process. All reviewers must comply with the ethical requirements for scientific papers and must be objective and impartial.

The review assesses the relevancy of the paper, the veracity of the results of the study, their degree of novelty, as well as scientific and practical significance. If it has significant overlap in both concept or content with a published paper or one accepted for publication by The SWS Journal of Earth & Planetary Sciences, the originality of a submitted manuscript is considered to be compromised.

Reviewers and editorial staff shall avoid public discussion of the submitted works before their publication. Reviewer comments shall be provided to the authors and editorial staff only (to make final decisions regarding the publication of the material). Reviewer shall recommend the article for publication, giving reasoned opinions on the requirements to finalize or redo the text (giving specific comments), or reject for publication.

The updated or revised paper will be sent for review again with detailed answers of the authors.

A manuscript may be sent for further review at the request of the reviewer.

The editorial board provides authors with reviews without revealing the name of the reviewer.

The decision on publication or rejection of an article is made based on the review, the author's response (if the article was modified), and the decision of the Editor-in-chief.

Articles that have received a positive review are published from a general queue.
The SWS International Scientific Committee is the only competent authority in taking decisions on selection or rejection of the manuscripts, submitted to the SWS Journal of Earth and Planetary Science (EPS).

The Journal have a special Reviewer Section with excellent reviewers. All the Reviewers are independent scientists and experts in the respective field, and members of the SWS Scientific Committee.
The maximum period for review is 4 weeks.